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Magic Theatre Poetry Reading

Official Site of Chiang Mai's
 Poetry Community.

Our Story

The Magic Theatre Poetry Reading Series has been a cultural destination in Chiang Mai since 2015. Created by Toronto native Rob Welch, who took the name from Herman Hesse’s novel Steppenwolf, the Magic has migrated from room to gallery to its current location, My Secret Café In Town, in the heart of Chiang Mai’s Old City. And like a creative relay race, Rob passed the baton to Rosalie Wilmot and Ina Jain, who curated the first Magic Theatre chapbook, Liberated Lines; then Rosalie, Mark Rossiter, and Mulv Jones, who curated the second collection, A Borderless Province; and currently Rosalie, Sara Luisa Kirk, and Matthew Wells, who edited and produced Rewrite The Map, the Magic’s third chapbook.


The Magic is proud to have helped make Chiang Mai the scene of a poetry community that fosters creativity and originality. A vast array of poets and performers have graced us with their presence, both at our last-Thursday-of-the-month in-person readings, and our second-Thursday-in-the-month online Zoom readings. Our events provide a safe and caring environment in which you can grow as a poet and as an artist. We usually host one to two featured artists, followed by an open mic session when anyone can step up and share their own words--poetry, prose, slam, memoir--or the words of poets and writers whom they admire, in translation or a foreign language.

If you are in Chiang Mai, or coming to visit, and you would like to feature at one of our readings, please contact us directly at

A Word from the Curators


Rosalie Wilmot

Come join with us. All poets and performers are encouraged to share their own work or that of those they admire. Read in your native tongue, or one that suits your mood.

 Enquire via our email below for more information on becoming one of our featured readers. Magic Theatre Poetry Reading is a safe space and trigger warnings should be given where appropriate.


Matthew Wells


Our Published  Poetry Collections

Poetry collections from Magic Theatre! Featuring Rosalie Wilmot, Feral Willcox, Madison Wigley, Mulv Jones, Emma Carroll, and many more Chiang Mai poets and performers, including Sara Luisa and Richard Oyama (our two features at tomorrow’s Poetry Reading at My Secret Café In Town).
They’re 250 baht each, and all proceeds are used to fund the publication of our next collection of 2020 featured poets, from both our Zoom readings and our live readings.

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In The Press

News & Events

6.30 PM

Magic Theatre Poetry Reading Night


The end of the month is approaching shortly and it's time for another evening of poetry, spoken word, and song.

This month we have another double feature coming your way. Please find their artist details below.

WHERE: My Secret Café In Town

WHEN: Wednesday, November 23, 2022 6:30PM-9:30PM


As usual, there will be a sign-up list for the Open Mic at the event, but if you'd like to reserve a spot beforehand, just comment on this post.

Depending on how many people show up, each slot will be 5-7 minutes long. Please factor in any introduction as part of your mic time. You can field comments after your set, should you so choose.

You can read your own work, or someone else’s, as long as you credit the author. And if your subject is potentially offensive or triggering, please respect the audience by giving a warning in advance.

See you on the 23rd!

Artist Bios:

Derrick Siu

Arts drop out, Medical graduate and ex doctor. Derrick aced the sciences but barely passed english.
He never really felt creative till quitting a career in medicine to pursue one in film radio and television as an actor and host. Then one night many years ago, a near complete poem came to him while walking to a friends place, and over the next few years till now he's been scribbling down little pieces as they come. After performing this piece in front of friends many years ago, and more recently at a wellness retreat in 2018, Derrick's decided to step up in 2022 and share his words at poetry nights. Hear his poems on love, loss and life at the next Magic Poetry Night!

News and Events

Our Facebook Page


Our link to our Facebook page is below and you can keep up to date with our reading sessions and other news. Feel free to post your own poetry or check out the latest offerings from our community. This is the main source of communication within the group.

 To become our featured write or performer please contact Rosalie Wilmot or Matthew Wells via the Facebook Page.


You can also find the contact details for our monthly Zoom meetings. (Copy and past the Meeting No. and password into the relevant box to enter the meeting).

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